Reiny Daze Arena & Boarding Stable
   Outdoor Horse Boarding Only 5 minutes from Medicine Hat!
With Indoor and Outdoor Arenas plus round pen!

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Reiny Daze Arena & Boarding Stable
See Our Facility
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Our indoor arena is 65'x160' and has a good clay base with 6-8" of sand on top.  It is perfect for reining or pleasure riding and yet it still holds up to lope through the barrels at a good pace (just you can't safely run at full competition speed).   The arena is equiped with full lighting for riding 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  We do not hold any events at our facility so that our boarders have full use any time they desire. 

There is plenty of room to tie, groom and saddle your horse in our barn.  The tie area is right next to the large tack room where you can keep the necessary gear you are using to ride your horse. 


Our indoor stalls are all 12'x12' so the horses have plenty of room to stretch out.  The stall floors and the barn floor are all rubber matted to minimize stress on the horses legs.  

We have a round pen available for use for our boarders if there are young horses to be started or older ones that need a tune up.  The idea is to have a useable facility to accomodate all of our boarders needs as well as our own.

Our outdoor arena also has a good clay base with a sand coverage of 6-8".  It is approximately 175'x184' and is accomodating to reiners and barrel racers alike.  It seems to drain very quickly if we have a heavy rain or snowfall and thus it is only out of commision for a few days out of the year.  Therefore, there is a safe place to ride outside all year round if you desire and there are also many trails and fields to ride through near by as well.  All riding is done on your own horse, at your own risk and is unsupervised.  

Our regular pens are 45'x60' and all have automatic heated stock waterers and slab fence around for shelter.   We put 2 or 3 horses per pen depending on space and are careful that they all get along.  The pens are scraped clean and the manure is hauled away on a regular basis.   

We also offer pens with covered shelters.  They are slightly larger than our regular pens as they have an added shelter that your horse can go in to get out of the elements.  This is great especially for added shade from the hot summer sun, coverage in a rain, hail or snow storm and to get out of the wind. 


The horses are fed a green grass mix hay every morning and evening at about 8am and 5pm.  We do not supply minerals or added suppliments.  You must purchase them and feed them yourself.  Also we do not blanket and unblanket horses, that is up to you as well.

We do have farrier services available, who will come on site for all your horse trimming and shoeing needs. 

Trailer parking is also available at a very reasonable rates, if you need a place to store your trailer.


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