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Econets - hay nets
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For A Better Way To Feed Your Horse!!!
Tired of having a sore back from forking hay or being tied to home because you have horses to feed on a regular basis? Why not get an econet and eliminate these problems?  With econets there is less chance of having horses collic since they can be nibbling at their food 24 hours a day as they would naturally if they were in the wild.  I find that my horses are way happier eating this way and I don't have to worry that they might be hungry if I want to ride them at feeding time.  I also don't have horses chewing the wood on the fences or eating poop in their pens due to boredom... now they just nibble away at their hay contently when ever they want to and I see them sleeping the rest of the time.  The nets are made of twisted knotted nylon that is UV protected and bonded, which gives it a waxy feel. After they have been used a bit they soften right up. They also do not cause abrasions or any irritation to the muzzle. I find they are way more durable than other nets. Check them out at: and click on the products tab to see all of the sizes and options!  Then call me to place your order and save the shipping if you are in the Medicine Hat area or if we can meet up at a barrel racing or rodeo!!  (403)527-9959 or text (403)548-4363.  Trina  :)

Pictured above is the Large size round bale net which fits really big round bales weighing 1600-2000lbs.    However, I could have easily used the most popular size which is the Medium size round bale net which also fits round bales of this size (then the net would not be drooping over near the bottom) .   I recommend putting the bales on their flat side and then putting the net over like a sock and cinching it up at the bottom.  Then the bottom of the bale is not covered with net and is less likely to freeze on in the winter and is also easily removed when the hay is extremely wet after a big rain.   The opening is the same size on the medium as the large but the bag is just not as tall...    For current pricing please visit:  and then click on "products" to see what is available.  After finding the net you would like please call or text Trina at (403)548-4363 to order your net and save on the shipping if you are in the Medicine Hat area or if I can send it with someone passing through or meet up with you at a barrel racing or reining show.  

Pictured above is the half size net... it fits half of a square bale and is perfect at the trailer or tied in the barn for 2  or 3 horses to share...  


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